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Apply these 4 Step-by-step techniques Warren Buffet uses before buying stocks

Shahnaseeb Babar
6 min readDec 29, 2020

Let’s be real to ourselves; we all want our wealth to turn us into a millionaire overnight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. What happens is: we wake up the next morning and have the same old mundane routine of ours, to pay our mortgage, and bills.

Looking at how we run our daily lives, and how we chase money, brings us to an important question: will our destiny ever change? Well, it has worked for plenty of people, right? Thus, surely it can work for any of us But only if we do the right thing, right.

Investing in the stock market is a great way to turn rich!

Yet, one needs to be smart and understand the risks associated with the trait. It is a skill that no one teaches at school, and comes from practice as well as risk-taking, which is enough to make plenty of us procrastinate or live within our day-to-day life because at least we’re safe, aren’t we. While we certainly are safe but it will not make us rich!

If investing in stock market and buying stocks, scares you away, as well as you don’t aim to change yourself, this Post is a waste of your time because I will dive into one of my all time favorite stock-market’s guru who has inspired me to invest in the stock market with a simple 4-step roadmap which I am ready to share in this post.

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Warren Buffet’s and his Net Worth:

As of 29th of December, 2020, the total net worth of Warren Buffet is $86.8 Billion. For anyone who doesn’t know about him, Warren Buffet is a pure stock market genius. Period. He’s a stock market guru, as no one has ever been this successful in the stock market like he has been.

While plenty of people think aren’t we too old to start investing now? Since Warren Buffet is aged 90, but he started to invest since he turned 13? The answer is No! During all this time, Buffet made plenty of mistakes from which we can learn, but being honest with you, there is no requirement about when a person should start to invest in the stock market — although…



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