BlackRock’s Bitcoin-ETF is a BIG deal.

Shahnaseeb Babar
5 min readOct 27, 2023

Bitcoin needs more fuel to land on Moon and BlackRock is probably going to fill the tank.

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If you’re like me who occasionally cries to bed for not buying Bitcoin when it was less then a buck, than my friend after offering you a *VIRTUAL BEAR HUG!* I really do have some good news for you!

The good news?

The E, to the T, to the F!


ETFs, and some more ETFs!

Bitcoin’s ETFs are about to become more common and before we can do a high-five, and talk about why they’re a BIG deal.

Let me tell you one thing: Bitcoin will probably be a LOT more bullish then we can fully comprehend.

Yes, you read that RIGHT!


Sure, it’s not going to happen overnight nor should it happen overnight but it will happen.

So Ladies & Gents, time to fasten up your seat-belts and let me tell you exactly why.

But before hitting the highway, here’s quickie of the things I’ll cover:

  • 🥳 WHAT THE HELL are ETFs and why are they important in Bitcoin’s case?
  • 🤓 How does BlackRock’s ETF work?
  • 🤫 Yes but… Why now?
  • 🤯 What it means for the web3 and other cryptocurrencies.
  • 🤑 Time to be BULLISH?

[1] Bitcoin’s ETFs:

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ETFs which stand for Exchange Traded Funds are a type of funds that give investors the exposure of a certain asset class.

In our case? This asset class is none other than our golden shining armor aka the Bitcoin.

Therefore, Bitcoin ETF is a financial product that will allow investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements.

In simple terms: lots and lots and lots of Wall Street finance-bros will be buying Bitcoin without really buying Bitcoin.

Trust me, this is the simplest way I can put it out. Want to read more? Read this.



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