How to have a growth mindset in the year 2021?

Shahnaseeb Babar
7 min readJan 1, 2021
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Ever since the pandemic started, lots of us began to lose their jobs; some didn’t understand how we can pull through these difficult times. Thus, quite a large proportion of people suffered until the lockdown was eased up, a bit.

During this time, learning a new skill online started to become the headline of the day!

While we were focusing on making the best of additional time we got as a result of the lockdowns, I came across plenty of individuals who started to learn a new course. Within a month or so, they were earning from it. I, on the other hand, started to feel completely alienated.

This brought a question into my mind: why are these guys different?

To my surprise, I wasn’t someone with a growth mindset, and I lacked the motivation to learn something new. On the flip side, a few people I knew made the best possible use of their time; now, they have multiple income streams.

How did they do it?

To define a growth mindset, we have to understand how human psychology works and why some people never give up while others simply do. A growth mindset is when an individual learns from their mistakes or has a thirst for more knowledge!

Trust me, these guys don’t have three ears or four legs. They are around us, and with little to more effort, we can become like them.

What’s a fixed mindset?

Imagine two friends.

Both friends fail their Math's test. Their teacher called their parents, and the very next day Friend A was present in the class while Friend B changed his section. Friend A became more active in the study by doing homework on time, not missing classes, and reaching rank on time. Friend B, whereas, simply left the subject.

What do you find the difference between the two?

For Friend A: he realized that he wanted to work harder; he realized that he has to be more attentive in the class to accomplish his goals.



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