Make being “useless” work for your benefit

Shahnaseeb Babar
4 min readFeb 5, 2022

Being useless is not that bad after all given you have your life in order. Learn something from my journey.

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“Useless” is something that is associated with many negative connotations these days’. Blame it on the hustle culture, blame it on inflation, blame it on the need to have some assets before you retire.

Whatever the case is, don’t you think there should be an alternative to it?

I’m a workaholic, being someone turning 28 this April, for me, there is more need to work hard so I can have assets, knowledge, and ample skills before I turn 30. My workaholic personality is something that has ruined my relationships, since I can’t give enough time to make a relationship work, whoever I’ve met I can’t take things longer than 2 weeks.

At times, it sucks.

However, I’m happy at this age, I have a great investment portfolio that comprises cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, real estate, saving prize bonds, emergency fund, stock market and commodities. Whatever I’ve invested in, I don’t plan on taking it before 2030 so that will give enough time for my investments’ to mature.

On top of it, I am healthy with literally no allergies. Miracle, yes.

So, where does the “useless” come along?

There is a part of me who needs to reclaim his happiness, and life. So should be yours, No? While at this point, useless does sound weird but hear me out.

When I started out on Upwork, I would work even on Sundays. Someone who works during the weekdays in the morning at an office, in the evening doing freelancing, and at night studying on becoming a blockchain developer.

It is tough! It’s too much.

But now, I want my weekends to be useless.


I don’t want to do anything on weekends, and so should you!

In order to achieve this, I have sorted out my week in a manner where my weekdays look busier-as-hell with little to no time to spare. But now, I’m shifting the tides. Despite already having busier weekdays, I am giving each day an extra hour or two to do the work I would usually do on weekends.



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