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WHO Country head Pakistan speaking to media on World Polio Day, 2020. Image Courtesy: Twitter account of WHO Pakistan.

Pakistan could be next in line to eradicate Polio, says the World Health Organization’s (WHO) country director while addressing the audience at Islamabad, on the eve of World Polio Day.

While the news is indeed very welcoming, it arises a Question; why did Pakistan fail to address the Polio crisis when its neighbor India, and countless underdeveloped African countries were able to beat the virus. Well, the answer to this is quite complex just as the task is.

Understanding why Pakistan is behind in its’ fight to eradicate Polio, it’s important to understand a large territory of Pakistan lived in regions where the government had little to no control. It was impossible for the country’s LEA or Law Enforcement Agencies to provide ample security to ensure Polio workers can reach and deliver their duties. …

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image courtesy: Pixabay.

The news of fake pilot licenses is all over the internet, and things could not get much worse when even Vietnam grounds Pakistani pilots, the United Arab Emirates suspend flights from Pakistan, International Air Traffic Association (IATA) shows grave concern, following the 6-month long ban from European Union the United Kingdom also suspends flights from Pakistan for the same duration.

Everything seems to be falling apart for Pakistani aviation sector after the country’s aviation minister stated while in the parliament that every 1 out of 3 pilots in Pakistan holds a fake license, as the initial investigation of PIA’s A320 crash reveals the reason for the crash to be pilot’s error. …

Today, understanding US & Pakistan relations is a complex matter. One side accuses them of harboring terrorists while the other side accuses them of not being present when they needed them the most. One asks the simplest question, were the Two allies always had a strained relationship or not? And the answer is somewhat more complicated.

Operation cycle — widely acknowledged as one of the world’s largest Spy agency to spy agency relation. True, without Pakistan US had no luck to contain the Soviets in Afghanistan and without US the Pakistanis had no success on containing the expansion of their ‘empire’ towards warm-waters which the Southern part of Pakistan provides. …

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On a Sunday morning, my notifications went somewhat like this:

  • US Scrapped $300 million worth of Aid.
  • “WHAT!”
  • Reddit Jihadists, come aboard! Trolls are at it!
  • Beep beep — Twitter notifications
  • WhatsApp groups are going crazy!
  • Two Quora Ask-to-Answer (A2A) about What’s my opinion and what’ll happen next regarding Pakistan & US relations?

Now, as to those who do not know yet, President Trump yet again decides to block economic assistance to Pakistan. It all started on the 1st of January when American President tweeted some harsh words, and his direction on how he plan’s to take his Foreign Policy towards Pakistan. …


Shahnaseeb Babar Bhatti ( شاہ نصیب بابر بھٹی)

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